You know the expression, “Jack of all trades, master of none?” Old Town Public House in Cornelius is challenging that concept as it expands its community offerings: Neighborhood bar. Music venue. Art gallery. Trivia HQ. And now, coffee shop – OTPH aims to master them all, growing into a hub for community activity and a catalyst for community bonding in Old Town Cornelius (OTC).
OTPH opened in 2015 as a new neighborhood pub with an old-neighborhood feel. Located in the same building where the iconic Ma Harold Dime Store once operated, its modern industrial décor honors the building’s history while providing a friendly, cozy spot for everyone.

Live music was a big part of the initial business plan–OTPH was the only venue in town to offer live music 5 nights a week. The plan quickly grew to include trivia, and the walls soon filled with artwork from local artists. OTPH’s newest addition – full coffee and pastry service – is drawing even more community members and inviting in more daytime passersby.

“We decided to add coffee to the pub because we wanted to provide more opportunity for people to connect and community to engage outside of the evening beverage,” owner Case Warnemunde said. “There’s an excitement and energy about what’s happening here in Old Town Cornelius and our goal for OTPH has always been to create a space in which people can get connected, collaborate and inspire one another, and develop ideas that can change the world.”

In addition to its array of local “evening” beverages, the public house’s team of skilled baristas offers high-quality “morning” beverages: espresso drinks, lattes, iced coffee, hot and iced teas, matcha, chai, and more, as well as an array of bagels and pastries from Bagel Bin in Huntersville and Nova’s Bakery in Charlotte.

“We invested in the coffee side of the business in order to better serve the needs here in the community and provide space for interactions to take place at all times throughout the day,” Warnemunde said. “In the midst of a lot of new development, we want to be a staple here in OTC that withstands the test of time–a place where people meet, authentic community interaction happens, with great products and exceptional customer service.”